Success Squared

Most people know they're making headway towards their goals - but the REAL frustration is the PACE of that progress. It's too slow! 

This 6-week program is designed to teach you how to speed up your ability to get what you want, whether it's less stress, more money, greater confidence, or a happier daily existence. Whatever it is, Success Squared will show you HOW to make that happen - today and EVERY day. 


Success Habits

It's not WHAT you do that matters - it's HOW you go about your day. Learn the tricks pros, athletes and CEOs are using.

Mindset Management

Your thoughts feed your beliefs about yourself, the world and your future. Adjust those, and the RIGHT actions follow!

Exponential Results

My clients use these to double their income, fix relationships, buy businesses, quit crappy jobs - in months, not years.


How it works

Success Squared is a 6-week program that teaches you how to bring joy, income, and confidence back into your life - without having to learn a new skill, work harder, or buy expensive technologies. 

Next Start date: Wednesday May 12th

Number of Sessions: 6

Times: 11am EST OR 7pm EST (select your preferred time upon registration)

Session duration: Allow for 1.5 hours 

Session Overview 

Session 1: Focal Points

Setting the focus for what you really want. It's like goal setting, but better because what follows are the actions you'll be taking to make it happen. 

Session 2: Clarity

Clarity is not just about what you want, but what could distract you or divert you from achieving what you want. This teaches you the mindsets and habits that clear the air, and remove blindspots so you can see clearly the path in front of you. 

Session 3: Energy

If you don't have the energy to accomplish your goals, they'll never happen. Over 90% of my clients want to take better care of themselves. This session shows you how to GENERATE all the energy, confidence and success you want. 

Session 4: Courage

It's not your skills, age, gender, location, nationality, intelligence, etc. that determine your success: it's the extent that your fears stop you from taking action. We'll look at the 3 types of pain people try to avoid, and how to tackle them once and for all. 

Session 5: Productivity

Now that you're clear, have abundant energy, and all the courage to move mountains - you're ready to tackle your projects by USING time differently. 

Session 6: Influence

If no one believes or trusts or buys from you, you're dead in the water. You're not an island, but there are specific ways to get people to see what you want them to see, and do what you want them to do. This includes clients, colleagues, bosses, kids, spouses....the works! 

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Rebecca Mountain has helped me in ways no one else has been able to.  

I signed up for group coaching. I learned exactly why I have such difficulty achieving my goals and why I haven’t had the courage to pursue my dreams which I had mostly just gave up on.

What makes Rebecca’s coaching so effective is that she not only shows you how to uncover your unconscious limiting beliefs, she provides a step by step plan on how to actually change them.

Rebecca has so many ‘brain hacks’ to help imprint new beliefs and eradicate the limiting ones. You will also learn all the strategies of the super achievers that can dramatically increase your focus and impact.

Trust me, when you think differently, you will feel differently and you will achieve differently.