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✓  Course #1: Get out of your own way:

What you think determines what you believe, and you cannot act counter to that. Change the way you see success and REALLY get the most out of this program!

✓  Course #2: How to build a big list:

No list, no sales.  It's that simple. But how do you go about building that list in the first place? Well, this video explains it to you simply and logically. 

✓  Course #3: The fortune is in the follow up:

How do you follow up - and convert - new leads, especially online ones? This training video will give you several strategies so you can turn a prospect into a client faster. 

✓  Course #4: How to get referrals without even asking for them:

Referrals have always been the most loyal of clients, and the cheapest to get. So fill your client list with more of these to lower your costs and up your sales game!

✓  Course #5: Make it better with video:

Videos increase conversion, engagement and if you know how to structure the videos properly (for content OR ads), then you'll have even more success! 

JUST ADDED: 2 BONUS Videos on Facebook ads!

Updated October 2020: Facebook Lead Generation Ad "how to" video training PLUS Facebook Ad Performance Training so you know  how to know when your ad is working, key ad benchmarks and editing hacks to ensure your ads ALWAYS produce the results you want! 

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From reminding you of the fundamental basics to small insider tips that have a dramatic effect on potential reach, this course sets the foundation for a calm and collective approach to being able to implement, measure and dominate social media in this digital age. 

- Jason

Absolutely love this module, Sales Sales Sales leads without sales have no value lol.

I loved how you pointed out the importance of follow up, it's easy to just send something and then if you don't get a reply or one that you want, you put it in the back burner and get back to it whenever.

I found interesting the point you made about Following the theme in terms of following up, I often see people use a theme to attract a person and then when they're interested switch it up to their "sales pitch" or whatever they really emailed about.

I thought the email examples were helpful, in particular the one that had the "Good Bye" point, a last attempt to get them to read or reply, interesting concept and I've seen this used on me LOL.

- John




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Great investment of 1hr 23mins. Invaluable advice and tips from start to finish. Thank you. 

- Mark

I thought this was pretty thorough. I particularly like the part about closing gifts how helping can be of more value than gift cards.

I also like the message about doing something daily. I can't emphasize how that's important and so many of us (realtors) let things like that slide and do things on our convenience vs constantly being in contact.

- John

I thought it was very informative with lots of great information, ie., length of videos, etc. Really helps to focus on the what to do, how to do, and how to be consistent.

- Patrick

Great content very well presented and explained.

- Peter

Of interest was ...what people want and what they don't want.....The act of negative response to adverts means that you should maybe delete them.........Loved the idea of the recipes and helping other business......
- Paulane



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