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Super-elites struggle to find a group at their level or beyond. This is it: collaboration, coaching, explosive growth, removing all obstacles - both internal and external - so you can achieve your greatest work. 


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Your highest performing years are ahead of you:

  • Removing false and limiting beliefs that make you hesitate to do the work you SHOULD be doing.
  • Precise strategies to scale, recruit, retain and motivate your teams.
  • Powerful collaborators who are invested in your success and support you every step of the way.
  • 12-month growth plan to stagger your efforts, avoiding overwhelm and guaranteeing implementation.
  • Bi-weekly check-ins, monthly Meetings of the Minds and personal one-on-one calls to keep you going all year long.
  • Expert speakers brought in to enhance your learning, provide new strategies and give you more motivation to be your best GOAT!
  • 2 one-on-one calls with Rebecca every month

Want to Join?

In the GOAT Mastermind 2024, you'll learn how to take everything to the next level - life, business, relationships and more. You'll never say "it can't be done" every again.

Estimated dates: Week of January 8 or 15, 2024  (TBC).


Invest now. Earn 10x back…

  • Achieve ultimate clarity on your future
  • Be productive (not busy)
  • Get more "yes" from your team, clients, etc. 
  • Have infinite energy for all you want to do
  • Live life on YOUR terms - and no one else's
  • Scale up your greatness and tame your inner dragon

Four Days. Beautiful location. Breathtaking Results.

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What To Expect

The High Performance Mastermind is split into two sections:

  • A 4-day, in person event at a luxury destination
  • Accommodation, food and drinks are included (you just have to get there)
  • Day 1 and 2 are masterminding days
  • Day 3 is a full "break" day to give your brains a rest and take in the local sites and experiences together, or individually
  • Day 4 is Final Goal Setting and getting you ready to launch the minute you hit the ground back home
  • Every other week, you'll be able to check in and get help, support, ideas, and engage again with this amazing group
  • Once a month we'll check in, assess progress, and reset goals for the next 30 days 
  • It's not set in stone...but this year, I may add another in-person 2-day meet up at the 6 month mark (more coming soon!)

Pre-registration ensures you can be one of the first to take up the 8 spots, some of which are already pre-sold. Full information including costs, location, etc. will be provided at that time so you'll know exactly what you're signing up for. 


This Mastermind Is For You If...

  • You believe that with the right coaching, mentorship and collaborative partners, you can achieve everything you want
  • You aren't afraid of hard work
  • You are willing to make a mid 5-figure investment (knowing you'll make back 10x of that or more)
  • You're tired of being tired, overwhelmed, and feeling alone in your high-level issues
  • You're ready to build a legacy that you're proud of

I'm Rebecca Mountain


I've run masterminds for years, and have attended even more, investing hundreds of thousands of dollars so you don't have to. 

My focus is 100% on helping you find the happiest life possible, because if you're happy, you'll do your best work. 

Whether you want a better organizational structure that runs smoothly without your constant attention...

Or a team that thinks critically and for themselves, who generate their own success without depending on you to do it for them...

Perhaps you want more from life - having a business that generates sufficient income for you to live on a beach, or travel most of the year...

Within a month of the 2022 mastermind, two of the real estate attendees sold their highest-priced homes in all their careers...hired staff to take the burden of work off their plates, thus scaling their businesses quickly...tamed inner demons that had been causing them to hesitate...

Some masterminds are glorified discussion groups. If that's what you want, this isn't for you...because this mastermind is for doers, achievers, highly performing dynamos that will challenge YOU to the limit. Want that? Pre-register. That's the first step. 


What are people saying about the GOAT Mastermind?

Hear from the GOATs that participated in the 2023 Mastermind. 


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How is this Mastermind different?

I've attended masterminds, and heard about even more.

And honestly, what I saw and heard depressed me because people were turned off to the point of dropping out of these groups.  

A lot of hosts and 'gurus' use the term "mastermind" verrrrry losely - most often, it's either a discussion group, a brainstorming session or a glorified conference with speakers.

That is NOT what a mastermind should be. 

You know you're in a true "mastermind" when everyone contributes equally and enthusiastically to helping you grow YOUR business. You then reciprocate and help everyone else! 

Masterminds are a place to share, challenge and grow - even if everyone else in the room does something entirely different from you. That's actually the best part. 

You see, I'm not blocked by what's stopping you, so when you present your greatest desire for your life and business...I can come up with a zillion ways you can make that happen! I don't have your fear, background, or experiences that have held you back. 

It's always easier to help solve someone else's problems. And this is what a mastermind is all about.  

And even better, as you're out there, jazzing away with your ideas for everyone else, that little voice inside your head starts to say, "Hey, YOU can use this, you know!" 

Lastly, a mastermind is not over when the 4 days end. The group continues to grow, coalesce, support and feed on each other's progress and success. The contributing never ends. Ever. It just keeps...going. 

If you've attended masterminds in the past and thought they sucked balls, maybe you weren't really in a mastermind at all. 

This is where great people become GOATs. 

I hope I can meet you soon! 

- Rebecca

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