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Your Dragon should not rule your day, holding you back, keeping fear always out front, filtering away opportunities to keep you in your "comfort zone." 

Join the Dragon and The GOAT Coaching Program today and get real, proven and tested strategies to shrink the Dragon and strengthen the GOAT-ness that is your true, authentic and awesome self. 

It's time to live your GOAT life. 

Become your GOAT (i.e. Join The Program) HERE!


Learn how to shrink your Dragon, reducing anxiety, fear, and inconsistency.



Get clear on your own GOAT-ness, and how to live on your terms happily and successfully.




Get the coaching, support and challenges to make living your GOAT life permanent. And it's only $99/mo! 



You’re just a few steps away from a happier and more fulfilled life.

Join today for only $99/mo.

Cancel any time.

No questions asked.

From Rebecca:

You cannot win by only focusing on the Dragon OR your GOAT. It takes a combined strategy to bring health, wealth, happiness and fulfillment.


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Since I heard Rebecca speak, I've made changes in my life every day.

- David


The smallest tip made led to a huge change in my life.



My Dragon was so loud. Now it's quiet, and I'm 100% living my GOAT life!


How it works...

Great coaching combines challenging topics, insights and strategies - but most of all, the best coaching generates RESULTS. 

Rebecca has tested various ways for groups to achieve amazing results, and the Dragon and the GOAT Coaching Program is the best of them all. Here's how it works. 

1. Enrolment & Cancellation

Enrol any time, cancel any time. You can join at any time of the year, and just slot yourself in! 

2. Payments

Pay monthly and stay as long as you want. There will be new content every month, plus additional videos, workshops and more, accessible ONLY to this group. 

3. Monthly workshop

The second Tuesday of every month, we meet together and Rebecca teaches you TWO concepts: 

    1) A strategy to shrink your Dragon

    2) A method to identify and start living your GOAT life

You can see the full lineup below! 

4. Monthly Challenges

Each month, you'll be challenged to practice what was discussed during the workshop. Repetition builds confidence - and gets results. The steps will be small and manageable, but necessary for you to get the GOAT life you want! 

5. Mid-Month Q&A

At the mid-way point between sessions, Rebecca will host a LIVE Q&A session! Questions will be sent in from the group ahead of time, so she can be 100% prepared, and bring her best strategies and solutions to the session. 

Rinse and repeat!

This process repeats every month, for the whole year - and then starts all over again! 

It's simple, challenging - and the most rewarding way to receive coaching in a group setting. Most group coaching programs struggle to get results for attendees. Rebecca is all ABOUT results, and takes your success personally. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Don’t wait! Take control of your Dragon - and live your GOAT life now!



Get access to top-rated high performance coaching, and join the community of GOATs! 

Topic List

Each month, we focus on one Dragon-shrinking solution, and one GOAT-feeding strategy. Here's the topic list. 

March 8

Dragon Shrinking:

Emotion Regulation - Creating calm in the chaos of life.


Defining, in detail, what makes you happy to find more opportunities for what you want MOST. 

April 12

Dragon Shrinking

Meditation, breathing and staying present.


Developing your Personal Standards of Excellence to live life FULLY on your terms. 

May 10

Dragon Shrinking

 Changing our stories and tackling negative thoughts. 


Defining your "best self" to attract more of what you want in relationships, business and life in general! 

June 14

Dragon Shrinking

Challenging assumptions about external factors and stopping the "blame game" for good. 


Guiding you to living an impact-driven life, not a fear-based income-driven existence. 

July 12

Dragon Shrinking

Changing and challenging limiting beliefs. 


Growth vs. Fixed mindsets - and how to change the ones that matter. 

August 9


Generating happiness - how to make it rain joy in your life, anywhere, any time. 


Creating your purpose statement. 

 September 13


Appreciation and Gratitude and strategies to seek ways to expand your happiness. 


Super Powers & Dark Sides - how to use your talents and skills, fuelled by the dark places you refuse to go back to. 

October 11


Challenging and removing pain identities that build walls around your suffering. 


Setting, communicating and sticking to your boundaries, so you can say "yes" or "no" with confidence, instead of guilt.

November 8


The "Shit to Fertilizer" process of changing your emotional relationship with bad experiences from your past. 


How to have necessary conversations and endings so you can approach tricky situation with grace and confidence. 

December 13


The danger of "why" questions, and how to change the narrative to get more buy-in and cooperation. 


How to avoid Decision Fatigue, so you can keep full brain power the entire day. 

January 10, 2024


Don't be a HERO - how to challenge and coach in a healthy way to create self-sufficiency in life, business and relationships. 


How to hold yourself accountable and stay committed to anything. 

February 14, 2024


Improving sleep, health and wellness. 


How to be the MOST productive version of yourself with 3 top strategies.